"The abdication", Hollywoodfilm om drottning Kristinas uppväxt och tronavsägelse
To watch this film in the Amazon jungle was an experience ..

I saw the film in the Ford rubber tree plantation in Belterra, close to Santarém in the Amazon in the second part of the 1970:s.

Of what I can remember, there was a lot of forced horse-riding in the film, mostly by the beautiful, womanly Liv Ullman, who didn't have the slightest resemblance with the portrayed queen Kristina. Queen Kristina was known as almost ugly with a mans body, language and habits.

Sitting there, in the middle of the rain forest, in a warm and humid provisional cinema, with the projector rattling amongst the onlookers, I wondered if the spectators understood anything of what they saw on the screen. A story that took place 350 years erlier and in a country of ice and snow.

And me - who had read about the abdication in school, how the daughter to the king who had fought the catholic church, and died in the 30 year war, became a catholic - realized that there are ten thousand different ways to tell a story. And this one was certainly not the story my historian teacher had told me .... or the one I had imagined!

 © Torgny Bergström